January 3, 2011 CONSHOHOCKEN, PA (January 3, 2011) – Quaker Chemical Corporation (NYSE:KWR) announced today that it has acquired Summit Lubricants Inc., a leading specialty grease manufacturer (“Summit Lubricants”), effective December 31, 2010. Summit Lubricants is a North American manufacturer and distributor of specialty greases and lubricants whose proprietary formulations encompass a broad spectrum of specialty greases which are sold through major grease distributors and utilized in military applications. Summit Lubricants also performs grease toll manufacturing for third parties and will operate as a stand-alone subsidiary of Quaker. Included in the transaction are Summit Lubricants’ commercial operations and two manufacturing operations located in Batavia, New York.

Michael F. Barry, Chairman, CEO and President, commented, “Summit Lubricants is an excellent strategic fit for Quaker as it is complementary to our existing business. Since its founding 20 years ago, Summit Lubricants has earned a reputation as a premier quality lubricant and grease manufacturer. Summit is currently in the process of increasing its manufacturing capacity more than twofold.  In addition to Summit’s ability to grow its business through its current customer base, we are excited at the prospect of offering Summit’s complementary product line to our existing customers both in the U.S. and globally.”

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April 24, 2011

Summit Lubricants Inc. has been assessed and approved by QMS Quality Management Systems International GmbH to the ISO 21469:2006 quality standard for the design, development, manufacturing and supply of lubricants with incidental product contact.

ISO 21469:2006 is an international standard which specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants which, during manufacture and processing, can come into incidental contact with products and packaging used in the food, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobacco or animal-feeding-stuffs industries. Summit’s certification to this standard exemplifies Summit’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards established for the manufacture of it’s incidental food contact lubricant products.

Summit Lubricants-2nd Batavia Plant We are pleased to announce we have acquired a second facility in Batavia, NY. The modern 50,000 square foot steel structure rests on 5.5 acres in the industrial park. The total investment will be $3 million in 2008 & 2009. Installation of equipment is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2009. The 40,000lb kettles will double current capacity and provide for future expansion. The additional facility will address the needs for continued flexibility and growth as well as providing continiuous operations in the event of a disaster at one location. Administration will move to the new location sometime in ’09. Research and development will also be relocated into new offices and laboratories with lab scale kettles for developing new products. Stay tuned for updates.

Searching for a unique lubricant to solve your difficult food grade application problems? Need to avoid the Dangerous to the Environment dead tree/fish label warnings required in Europe by switching to a zinc free product? Do your customers require Kosher or Halal certification? Summit Lubricants manufactures the widest range of NSF H-1 lubricating fluids and greases available today, including our new polyurea thickener system which offers unsurpassed mechanical stability and water resistance performance in a high temperature lubricant. From the freezer to the oven and everything in between, whatever the challenge — biodegradable, chemically inert, water resistant, open gear, or synthetic — Summit is your solution.

This special award is only given to defense suppliers that meet the most stringent quality and delivery requirements established by the Defense Logistics Agency. A computerized system, Automated Best Value collects a vendor’s past performance data and translates it into a numeric score, from zero to a perfect 100. Once again, Summit Lubricants scored a perfect 100. Let us help you score a perfect 100.


Whatever extreme lubrication problem you have, Summit will find your solution with a wide variety of specialty synthetic product offerings. We have solutions for temperature extremes of -100F to 800F – PAOs, Glycols, PFPEs, and PPEs. We combine the optimum fluid with a wide variety of premium thickener options such as: Aluminum Complexes, Lithium Complexes, Calcium Complexes, Polyureas, and PTFEs.

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